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I'm on my way to two closings, we closed on one property they sold and are purchasing their forever home. On top of that, they have referred me to a friend so that is three pieces of business generated from leads from Market Maker. So that's pretty exciting! I'm excited about this, I'm excited about this for my business. Market Maker helped us close 33 transactions last year!
Mandy C.★★★★★

For the last 3 weeks, I've been with Market Maker and I've had 44 leads, 2 appointments have been set and kept. From those appointments, I've had one fourplex listing and I have another client in the car looking at homes. It's been spectacular, it's been exciting. I love the platform, it's been easy to read and easy to understand what's going on with those leads. It's just been spectacular to see how quickly it's bringing me business.
Grant B.★★★★★

I have been an agent for two months, and for half of that I've been with Market Maker. The results have been phenomenal so far. I've gotten 138 leads, 30 appointments, and am working with 3-4 active clients currently.
Arnold O.★★★★★

"The best part is, they schedule an appointment with that lead for you and you can just pick it up and call them. I mean, it's as scrub the lead as you can possibly get. I'm telling you right now, you really need to check out Market Maker.
Josh ★★★★★

"I've had over 109 leads generated for me, 41 appointments set, of which 13 I'm currently working with. Within my first month, I've got an active client, which is awesome!"
Michelle ★★★★★

"In 15 days, I got over 90 leads, 70 appointments, and 3 families ready to buy and sell!"
Jefferson ★★★★★

"Within the first 3 days I had an appointment every day. Those appointments are only multiplying. Definitely the best money I've ever spent in my career"
Nikki G. ★★★★★

"Since we upgraded, we've had 400 leads and 100 appointments. In the last three months we've almost doubled our business!"
Beth ★★★★★

"In the last 5 weeks, they've generated 228 leads, 68 appointments, and I'm working with 14. I tell people it's the Ferrari of CRMs, I love it!"
Matt S. ★★★★★